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Service Process

City Orientation

Looking around the following places:
Shopping center:
Introduce shopping mall and supermarket, and furniture and appliances store.
City transportation:
Introduce traffic center and Metro line.
Bar & restaurant street:
Western and Chinese restaurants, and well-known bars and clubs.
Culture and education
Foreign language bookstore, churches, and university which can learn Chinese.
Int'l School
Int'l Clinic
Scenic spots

House searching
Showing properties to customers according to their requirements.
Introduce briefly about the general information of the compound, unique characteristic of the premises, compound services and public facilities.
Look around the property's facilities nearby.
Remark client's comments about property.
Following up with client.

Contract signing & renew
Compose lease contract on base of mutual confirmation upon all lease conditions between customer and landlord.
Tenant party and landlord shall sign the contract before moving in.
Renewing will be prepared on sight of written paper at least one month in advance by the lease term.
We try to bargain and reduce the rental by 3%~5% before renewing contract, according to lease conditions.
The enquiries of house renovation will be given to resident before renewing.

Check-in & Check-out
Pre-check according to check-in documents and renovation list.
Check the furniture and appliances list of house to be in line with the lease contract.
Check the water, electricity, gas, telephone and all connections, and air-conditioning system of the house/apartment.
Three parties confirm the check in documents.

Visa formalities
1. Temporary residence registry
2. Health Certificate
3. Work Permit
4. Residence Permit
Airport picking up
Hotel reservation
Furniture moving
Pets moving and quarantine
Banking service

After-sales Service
We provide 24-h service in English and professional after-sales service
Our services basically include:
1. Solving daily problems (appliances repair and maintenance)
2. Utilities bill arrangement
3. Calling for taxi or mineral water for tenants
4. Taking tenants to do physical examination and residence registry (formalities of Residence Permit)
5. Maid and driver recommendation
6. Providing shuttle bus to down town and shopping mall, and school bus.
7. Car leasing
New property
Property Map
Service Process
School Bus Registry
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