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Service Guide

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Villa compound & apartment buildings with tight foreign community
specially selected properties in line with client’s requirements

City orientation
We help you to know this city from different aspects quickly as below:

Healthcare & hospital
Shopping center & super markets
Modern or antique furniture shops
Historic scenic spot
Restaurant & Bars
Museums and Theaters

Religion and churches

Culture consultation

Visa formalities
Medical inspection
Residence registry:
Working permit:
Application for employment
Employment registration

School arrangement
Nanjing International School
Nanjing Foreign Language School
The British School of Nanjing
Nanjing Eton House International School


Banking service
Opening an account
The precise procedure of opening an account varies according to different banks. Generally, you need show your passport and fill the bank application forms (in Bank of China, the staff may help you to fill up the forms). Then, you could get your personal account.

Some major banks:
Bank of China Jiangsu Branch
China Construction Bank
Bank of communications
Industrial And Commercial Bank of China

Maintenance service

24-hour help line:
  Solve daily problems
  Call for taxi or pure water
  Utility bill arrangement
  Subscribe newspaper and magazine
  Emergency repair
  English operation guide of appliances
  Trouble shooting guide
  Yearly maintenance plan of heating and air-conditioning system
  Satellite TV installation and maintenance
  Maid and driver recommendation
  School bus: from compound to Nanjing International school
  Downtown shuttle bus: from villa compound to downtown
  Shopping bus: from villa compound to big super market or bread shops

Vehicle for lease
Buying and owning a car in Nanjing is an expensive and paperwork intensive affair, not to mention the ultimate sale of the car. Car leasing takes away these hassles and provides a more cost effective alternative for the desired period of time. Security is ensured through full service maintenance and full cover insurance policies that are included in the monthly lease fee. Further more, our drivers are well trained and qualified with at lease 6 months of serving foreign guest experiences.
Following cars or vans are available:
Or other vehicles as you wish

Event organizer
We are specialized in organizing various of event such as parties, conference or gala dinner.

CI design
Poster design, print invitation booklet brochure or other give-aways.

Student bus for Nanjing International School
We are the sole accredit school bus provider for Nanjing International School and we currently provide three bus routes for students.


New property
Property Map
Service Process
School Bus Registry
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