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About us

Our vision: Your continuous value-added real estate partner.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive foreign orientated business services such as city orientation, home search, school search, visa & immigration, sports consultation, medical consultation, cultural and language consultation.

Founded by China Construction Group (Hong Kong), investor of the real estate developer of Luxury villa compound Top Regent Villa Garden, our company acquired abundant knowledge and experiences focusing on foreigner oriented property lease and sales thanks to nearly 5 years engagement in development and management of Top Regent Villa Garden.
Our company is trying to make property what it should be, exciting and imaginative. We are mixing local knowledge with western ideas and service, to help our customers find great property in Nanjing.
Our aim is to be the best. We maintain an ambition to succeed in every area of our business, continually reinventing ourselves as we create better ways to help our clients achieve their goals. Through leasing, buying or selling we are with you at every step. We are a hands-on, personal touch company that believes in providing outstanding service.

Strong points

With unique services catering to foreign families, we understand well about what they need and always get everything well prepared in terms of their concerns. Therefore, what we provide are definitely qualified properties according to western standards and it will save your precious time and energy from lengthy negotiation.

Apart from home searching service, our delicate maintenance service is regarded widely as the essential part of our whole system comparing with other real estate agencies. We have fully prepared for any of your household needs such as:
24-hour English speaking maintenance center
Emergency repaired within 8 hours; normal repair within 36 hours
Downtown shuttles bus
Shopping bus
School bus
Experienced maid recommendation
Banking consultation
Furniture and gardening consultation

Vehicle leasing is another characteristic part of our whole package services. Saving customer’s time and cost is always our policy of most priority. Our vehicle leasing service is aiming to provide our clients with the most convenient and reliable business and family transportation solutions. Most emphasizes have been laid upon the service training of our drivers strictly selected from our shuttle bus drivers who have already some experiences of serving the foreign customers.

Multinational companies

BASF, IVECO, Ericsson, Philips, Fiat, Bosch, Siemens, Carrefour, Ouchan, Dyson, Brembo DSM, BP, Saint-Gobain, DyStar, Arc

Our team

Specialized in real estate leasing and selling
Experienced in household services
Excellent language capabilities
Well trained and enthusiastically
Very considerate
Strong responsibility
Efficient execution

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