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GPS detectors have been installed on all school buses


Since April 2014, all the school buses have been fitted with GPS monitoring system, which integrates with Baidu navigation, GPS satellite positioning and 3G communication. The installation is designed to monitor the dynamic driving position of school buses helping to control the driving route and speed of all buses through a unified inaation plata.

Key functions: 

  • GPS satellite positioning : this service can relay inaation about the school bus in real time to teachers and parents.
  • Various map locations : improves accuracy for locating buses and effective route finding.
  • Speeding alarm: when the bus driver exceeds the designated speed limit an alarm is activated, thereby enabling drivers to be monitored and enhancing overall safety.
  • The GPS Satellite Positioning and Monitoring System for our buses will standardise the speed and route of the buses. This will improve the safety of our students on board which remains our prime focus at all times

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