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  School Bus

NIS Student Bus Newsletter of April,2012


 NIS Student Bus Newsletter of April,2012


April,2012 Student Bus schedule(According to the school calendar)


◆May.1th There is no student bus on Intl Labour Day.

May.3th Half day 3-way-conference,the student bus will be star from school 12:50A.M


校巴新视野 BUS Newlook

Student bus sticker                                                LED:Safety Signage



新校车安全管理条例New Regulation on School Bus Safety Management

New Regulation on School Bus Safety Management was signed by Premier Wen Jiabao as a state decree on April 5.

The regulation asks local governments to ensure that students attend nearby schools or boarding schools so as to "reduce students traffic risks."

Local governments are also obliged to develop urban and rural public transit options so students will be able to commute more conveniently.

Local governments above the county level should organize licensed bus companies to provide commuting services to students and supervise their operations, the regulation says, adding that security staff should accompany students in school buses. The regulation specifies stricter requirements for

the technical conditions of school buses, bus drivers qualifications, the responsibilities of security staff and penalties for those who violate the regulation.

The bus has the right to use the city bus lanes, and other social vehicles have to avoid the school bus.

Walking school bus

The Walking School Bus is a popular way of encouraging young children to walk to school together.

What is the Walking School Bus?

It works like a bus, picking up passengers along the way at designated bus stops except everyone is walking! In Western Australia, the Walking School Bus model is coordinated through the Department of Transports TravelSmart Program.

The Walking School Bus operates as a supervised group of children walking to and from school along a safe and enjoyable set route. A group is accompanied by at least two supervisors. One supervisor drives at the front of the bus, while the other supervises at the rear. The same or different supervisors accompany the children to and from school. Additional parents or supervisor may be needed depending on the walking environment.



Catch the Walking School Bus to Primary School



A volunteer helping a child get ready for the walk

The Walking School Bus can be flexible to suit the needs of families using it. The bus can go as often as parents want to drive it and children want to use it. This means that it can even operate as little as one morning or afternoon each week. Many communities start with a one-day per week bus and increase its schedule over time. All children are welcome to join the bus even if their parents cannot be drivers.

The Walking School Bus is a component of TravelSmart to School, and has been operating in WA since 2002. It runs in most states of Australia, and overseas including Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA.

 Reference from :http://www.transport.wa.gov.au



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Student Bus Service Manager: Candy Xiong

Office Tel: (025) 85899111 ext. 5011

Cell Phone: 13913893212

Email: candy@homecaught.com

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