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Jiangning   Bamboo Garden
Year of accomplishment: 2006 Building types of property: Apartments & duplex
Size: 80-220 Map
Address: No.5 Yulan Road, Yuhua District Nanjing

Jiangning   Jia Hu Green Island
Year of accomplishment: 2001 Building types of property: Detached-house & town house
Size: 150 to 260 Map
Address: No.9, West Huan Hu Road,Jiangning District, 211100 Nanjing

Jiangning   Masterland
Year of accomplishment: 2004 Building types of property: Detached villas, semi-detached house, town house
Size: 200 to 400 Map
Address: No. 8 Jiang Jun Avenue,Jiangning District, 211100 Nanjing

Jiangning   Green View Mandaran
Year of accomplishment: 2003 Building types of property: Single villas & semi-detached house, town houses
Size: 190 & 350 Map
Address: No.50, Jiangjun Avenue, Nanjing 211100, China

Jiangning   Chinese Home
Year of accomplishment: 2000 Building types of property: town houses
Size: 200 to 290 Map
Address: No. 61 Gao Hu Road,Jiangning District, 211100, Nanjing

Jiangning   Yu Lan Villa
Year of accomplishment: 2004 Building types of property: Apartments & duplex/single villa
Size: 210 & 360 Map
Address: No.2, Yu Lan Road, Yu Hua Tai district, Nanjing 211100, China


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